New App Reminds the Forgetful or Distracted to Be Romantic — Does That Make the Feelings Insincere?

Los Angeles — January 27, 2014 — Do sweet nothings count if you have to be reminded to send them? Can you use technology to be romantic? “Romantimatic” is a new app for iOS that says yes — it pops up alerts on a user’s phone, prompting them to text something loving to their significant other, even going so far as to offer suggestions.

The app caused a stir on Twitter when it appeared last week. While it currently has a five-star rating on the App Store, many objected to the idea of mixing love and tech.

Joshua Topolsky, editor at the website The Verge, posted “Because what’s more romantic than having to be REMINDED to tell someone you love them!

The website Cult of Mac said that, “[T]here’s an app for that, letting even the most forgetful, self-centered idiot make himself look like the most romantic person in the world.

But the developer of the app, Greg Knauss, protested. In a world with so much vying for a person’s attention, Knauss says that a reminder is a great way to make sure that an important task gets done. “Your calendar is a tool and it helps you do the things you want to do. I see Romantimatic in the same light. If you’re not good at something and want to get better at it, a tool can help.

Knauss says he’s aware that needing an app to be reminded to send a love letter can seem a little ridiculous, even like the start of a bad joke. But, he claims, there’s a real need for it. Romantimatic, he says, “is a serious implementation of a silly joke about a serious need.

The app allows reminders to be set with a range of frequencies — from twice a day to once a week — and includes two dozen pre-written romantic messages. Users may also add any number of their own, custom texts. Romantimatic is available now in the Apple App Store for $1.99 USD.


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